Proud of What I Was…A SoldierThe story of the military career of LTC Richard Dan Hill, which began in 1967 as a private and ended with his retiring in 1991 as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army.

Doves of the Valleys, and, The Rose Within My Heart , written by committed Christian author, and Big Stone Gap resident,  Jettie Hess.

Natural Tunnel, Nature’s Marvel in Stone, an interesting look at the history and legacy of one of our area’s most breath-taking natural wonders written by Big Stone Gap resident Tony Scales.

Northern Ireland: Can Sean and John Live in Peace? An American Legal Perspective, (Brandylane Publishers, 2003) Written by Carol Rasnic, this book contains much about her growing up in Big Stone Gap and compares the laws addressing religious discrimination in Northern Ireland with American law and race discrimination, particularly pre-and-post Brown vs. Board of Education (1954) and the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

BENGE!, Appalachia Anthology, Athawominee, The Great Warrior’s Path,  The Bear Grass, The Forts of the Holston Militia, Black Mountain “Mother of Today,” Five great titles by Dr. Lawrence J. Fleenor, Jr.Big Stone Gap, Big Cherry Holler and Milk Glass Moon, Lucia Lucia,  novels about Ave Maria Mulligan the thirty-five-year-old self-proclaimed spinster of Big Stone Gap, written by Adriana Trigiani who grew up in Big Stone Gap in the 1970s. Visit Adriana’s web site at www.adrianatrigiani.com.

Happiness (Demystified) is the first book published by Dr. Shiv Navani, a practicing radiologist at Wellmont Lonesome Pine Hospital in Big Stone Gap. This pocket-sized book contains a partial collection of inspirational sayings displayed over the years on a bulletin board in Dr. Navani’s office.

Keepsakes for the Heart, by Amelia Townsend with Dink Shackleford, Cultural Historian. Keepsakes has been released with a national launch in Big Stone Gap. The book tells the story of Sarah Bishop Hart — a true story about a Wise County woman who had one fierce desire — to have a real home. She fought the mountains, the history, and her own father– who often sold her to other people– or ran her off.

Randy Tucker contributed this story about the 1937 Big Stone Gap High School Championship Football Squad. Mr. Tucker, born in Wise County in 1950, is the second of four sons of Woody Tucker, Captain of the championship squad.

I Walked With God, and Still Do!, by Daniel M. True. The autobiography of Daniel M. “Danny” True, who grew up in the Gap and during his first 25 years (1938-1962) and continuing, over the years, to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.







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