The Rose Within My Heart: Who Shall Separate Us From the Love of Christ?


by Jettie C. Hess

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Book Review:  Pastor Steven R. Ridenour, For Him


"The moment I began reading The Rose Within My Heart, I immediately felt the love that its writer has for the Lord Jesus Christ. With words like ‘He is to me my rose and lily,’ ‘My heart’s delight and inward bliss’ … one can sense, with certainty, that this is a love made in heaven. Throughout the book Jettie sings songs to Christ, sharing her love to Him and the love she receives from Him. It is seldom that you find a writer with the ability to share/express a passion toward Christ, but Jettie is the writer that can fill the void. A modern-day Psalms, The Rose Within My Heart is written with the love of a modern day David. Jettie Hess is blessed with the ability to convey, through beautiful melodies of poetry, her love of Christ. Ministering to the heart and to the soul, The Rose Within My Heart touches the senses with a love that truly comes from within; this book will make a wonderful addition to any Christian library."


About the Book

Whether it be in the manger, on the cross, on His throne, in the garden, among followers, or in the midst of angels, Jettie believes Christ is altogether lovely. He is to her a light that reveals all darkness, a sunshine that knows no cloud, and the object of her warmest love. "Only believers have a living vibrant hope," she says, "because that hope is based upon the resurrection of the living Christ. This is why we sing, I know that He lives, because He lives within my heart."


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About the Author

Jettie C. Hess is a committed Christian author who finds writing highly enjoyable and deeply satisfying. Her second book Doves of the Valleys: The Children of God’s Grace was released September 2005. Although she is currently in the process of writing a children’s book entitled, Molly, her writing focus remains always on Christ and the things of Christ. Founder and publisher of The Love of Christ Journal,  Jettie continues to offer her readers insight into the Christian life through the good news of Christ’s magnificent love. Jettie currently resides in  a lovely little town called Big Stone Gap, Virginia