I Walked With God . . . and Still Do is the autobiography of Daniel M. “Danny” True, who grew up in the Gap during his first 25 years (1938-1962) and continuing, over the years, to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.   This book has much regarding life in the Gap in those pre- and post-War days, and some of the changes that have been made in bringing the area out of the “Dark Ages”. There is much humor, various “tales” and a Spiritual (Christian) “thread” through-out!     This is a non-fiction book!


It is available in two formats: as an digital e-Book (pdf) or the recently-completed Audio Book, recorded in Danny’s own voice.


This is Danny’s first full-length book, along with three shorter “articles” booklets in addition to regular articles and postings on his personal WEB site: DannyTrue.com .


Complete details and information can be found at: http://DannyTrue.com/bio_update.

e-mail: Danny@DannyTrue.com