Doves Of The Valleys


Doves Of The Valleys: The Children of God's Grace


by Jettie C. Hess

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Book Review:  Darlene Osborne, Publisher ~ The Online Christian Magazine


"Doves of the Valleys, lovingly written by Jettie Hess, is not just an ordinary book. It is a masterpiece that mirrors the authenticity of what genuine Christian character is. As you read each page your heart will be illuminated with the love of Christ as the anointed words leap off the pages and into your spirit.

This book will inspire you to draw closer to the Lord by worshipping Him in spirit and in truth. It will motivate you to become more dedicated in your walk with the Lord ~ challenging you to put Him first and foremost in your life. This book will teach you of the undying love Christ has for you. You will learn how much you mean to Him and what He should mean to you.

Doves of the Valleys is not a book that you will put down easily, nor is it one that you will throw back and never read again. It is a book that you will continue to reach for time after time."


About the Book

In wonderful imagery, Doves of the Valleys perceives the children of grace as cooing doves nestling among the valleys of life; through the love and goodness of Christ, they are taught to soar high above them in glorious flights of freedom. Endorsing the fact that salvation lies not in the things we do, but in what God has done and will do through Christ, Doves of the Valleys imparts messages to inspire, instruct and encourage the body of Christ.


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About the Author

Jettie C. Hess is a committed Christian author who finds writing highly enjoyable and deeply satisfying. Her first book The Rose Within Mt Heart:  Who shall separate us from the love of Christ, was released in 2003. Although she is currently in the process of writing a children’s book entitled, Molly, her writing focus remains always on Christ and the things of Christ. Founder and publisher of The Love of Christ Journal, LoveChristNow.com.  Jettie continues to offer her readers insight into the Christian life through the good news of Christ’s magnificent love. Jettie currently resides in  a lovely little town called Big Stone Gap, Virginia