Employee Telephone and Email Directory


Office Hours 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday
Administrative, Water and Tax department opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 4:30 p.m.

Fire, Police, or Medical Emergencies dial 911

For water and sewer emergencies which occur after office hours,
on weekends, or on holidays, call Wise Central Dispatch at

You may also call 523-0115 and choose the menu option for reporting water and sewer problems.


Department, Employee, or Service


Telephone No.
(Area Code: 276)

All departments. unless otherwise indicated,  can be contacted by dialing 523-0115.  When the automatic attendant answers, dial the extension number from the list below


Accounting Department 103 Email Renee Mullins
Administrative Department 100  
Animal Control 523-0117  
Bishop, Glenn 130 Email Glenn Bishop
Brush/garbage/trash pickup 130  
Building/Zoning Department  104 Email Matthew Bright
Cemetery Records 100   
Clerk/Treasurer 101 Email Amanda Hawkins
Cooper, Kenetha 125  
Fax 523-5625  
Fire Chief 523-0550 Email Billy Chandler
Fire Department  (Non-emergency only)
Emergencies: 911
Garbage/trash/brush pickup 130  
Glencoe/Oakview Cemeteries 523-0312  
Hamm, Steve 523-0117 Email Steve Hamm
Hampton, Gary524-1053
Mayor 100 Email Gary Johnson
Parks and Recreation Department 121 or 122 Email Tammy Grimes
Police Records  (Non-emergencies only)
Emergencies: 911
Public Works 123 Email Glenn Bishop
Purchasing Department 130 Email Glenn Bishop
Rescue Squad  (Non-emergencies only)
Emergencies: 911
Sewer Treatment Plant 523-2993  
Shop 124  
Streets Department 130  
Swimming Pool 523-3741 Email Gary Harris
Tax Department 101 Email Amanda Hawkins
Town Manager 102 Email Stephen Lawson
Treasurer/Clerk 101 Email Amanda Hawkins
Water Department 125 or 126  
Water Treatment Plant 524-1053 Email Gary Hampton