All Photographs on the page are from the Garnett Gilliam Collection.

fox house 1.jpg (96055 bytes)
The John Fox, Jr. House.  The people in the picture are thought to be members of the Fox family.
fox house 2.jpg (99114 bytes)
Another view of the Fox House
beerock.jpg (102686 bytes)
Bee Rock Tunnel
The photograph says Big Stone Gap but the tunnel is actually located in Appalachia
bsg straight.jpg (58329 bytes)
The is an early picture of the road between Appalachia and Big Stone Gap.  This road was and still is called the "Big Stone Gap Straight" or "Appalachia Straight"  depending upon your point of origin.
The building visible in the left of the photo is the "Power House"  where electricity was generated for Appalachia and Big Stone Gap.

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