The pictures on this page are part of the Garnett Gilliam collection.  All are scanned from original post cards.  Click on picture to view in full size.  Some pictures are large and may take up to a  minute to load.  After viewing the picture, use your browser's "BACK" button to return to this page.
woodminr.jpg (52447 bytes)
Wood Avenue
Taken from east  end of town looking west.
woodave.jpg (61717 bytes)
Wood Avenue
woodriley.jpg (68733 bytes)
Wood Avenue
carmines.jpg (80986 bytes)Carl's Hardware and Sporting Goods
Carmine's Restaurant.
Carmine's was well known for their good food and was a popular "hang-out" for young and old alike from Big Stone Gap and the surrounding communities.

This building was destroyed by fire on June 16, 2000.
bsgsch1.jpg (84993 bytes)
Wood Avenue, East End
Note the railroad track.  This was known as the "Dummy Line" and was used to provide transportation from the railroad station to the downtown area.


bsgwalrid.jpg (106760 bytes)
Big Stone Gap
Taken from Wallens Ridge in the early 1900's. Taken from original hand colored photograph.
bullittprk.jpg (96910 bytes)
Bullitt Park
pvhs.jpg (80368 bytes)
Powell Valley High School
postoffice.jpg (83088 bytes)
U. S. Court House and Post Office
bluehole.jpg (102826 bytes)
The highway between Big Stone Gap and East Stone Gap at the area known as the "blue hole."  Date unknown.  Taken from original hand colored photograph.


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