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The United States Leather Company Tannery Located in the Cadet area of Big Stone Gap
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Steam engine passes water tank on approach to the Big Stone Gap Depot in Cadet.
Photo from the Kenny Fannon Collection
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Big Stone Gap Depot in Cadet
Photo from the Kenny Fannon Collection
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Robinette Steel
in Cadet, 1951
Photo from the Kenny Fannon Collection
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Dunbar Church
Under Construction
Circa 1920
Dunbar is an old coal mining community located near Big Stone Gap
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Country Boy Swimming Pool
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East Stone Gap School
The high school grades (8-12) moved to Powell Valley High School in 1959.  Grades 1-7 remained at East Stone Gap School until in burned during Christmas vacation in 1968
Photo by Eddie Adams
Southern Depot in Big Stone Gap

Photo by Eddie Adams
Appalachia Depot
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