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Copy of coalminer statue.jpg (57392 bytes)
Coal Miner Statue in Miner's Park
Copy of Coalminer w bench.jpg (51745 bytes)

Photo by Eddie Adams
...park before Miner Statue
fall_deco_miners_park_opto.jpg (47041 bytes)
Miner's Park decorated for Fall '99.  Display provided by Heritage Hall Nursing Home
bullittpk1.jpg (150530 bytes)
bullitt.jpg (41980 bytes)
Bullitt Park and Stadium
Home of the Powell Valley Vikings
parkriver1.jpg (50774 bytes)
Photos by G. Kilgore
Powell River near Bullitt Park

powell_valley_russell_fig.jpg (63094 bytes)
Photo by Russell C. Fig
Powell Valley Overlook
About 5 Miles North of Big Stone Gap on US 23.
Copy of pv ovrlook.jpg (32646 bytes)
Photo by G. Kilgore
powell valley1.jpg (100874 bytes)
Photo by Cliff Whittaker
Copyright 1999
Powell Valley
Taken from Route 610
Note the "Valley Lake" in the center of the picture.
firedept1.jpg (222414 bytes)
Big Stone Gap Fire Department
Station 1

Photo by Eddie Adams
...before second story addition
maus.jpg (45982 bytes)
Glencoe Mausoleum
Photo by G. Kilgore
glencoe fountain.jpg (79103 bytes)
Glencoe Cemetery
Photo by G. Kilgore

juntolhse.jpg (11688 bytes)
June Tolliver House
101car.jpg (12420 bytes)
Tourist & Information Center
(101 Car)
swmuse.jpg (9488 bytes)
Southwest Virginia Museum
Copy of museum1.jpg (38153 bytes)
Copy of library.jpg (37075 bytes)
C. Bascom Slemp Memorial Library
Big Stone Gap, Va.
cbslibrary.jpg (19861 bytes)
Photograph from the Lonesome Pine Regional Library Web Site
roaring_branch2.jpg (49946 bytes)

roaring_branch1.jpg (110619 bytes)
Entrance to the Roaring Branch Hiking Trail
Located about 1/2 mile north of Big Stone Gap on Business 23 toward Appalachia
enteringbsg.jpg (75794 bytes)
Entering Big Stone Gap early in the morning.
Picture taken about 1/2 mile north of BSG.
coalmuseum.jpg (101132 bytes)
Harry W. Meador Coal Museum
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