101 Car
Bullitt Park
C. Bascom Slemp Memorial Library
Christ Episcopal Church
Duff Academy
C. Bascom Slemp Federal Building
H. W. Meador Coal Museum
John Fox, Jr. Museum
June Tolliver House
Miner's Park
The School Rooms
Southwest Virginia Museum
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

Lonesome Pine Tourist Information Center

     Big Stone Gap is a great place to visit.  Here are some of the attractions that you don't want to miss while you are in our Town.  Many  are free while some charge a modest admission.  All are within a one mile radius of downtown.

To learn more, click on the Individual links to the left or take the virtual tour below.


Take a virtual tour of Big Stone Gap.  For more information, click on the attractions marked on the map below.

Traffic Light Numbers
Traffic lights in Big Stone Gap are numbered.  Traffic light No.1 is located near the US23 intersection and is not numbered since it is located outside of the Town of Big Stone Gap.  Traffic light No.2 (the first numbered light) is located at the southern entrance to the town at the intersection of Gilley Avenue and Dogwood Drive near the US 23 exit.  Lights are numbered consecutively as you travel north through town, toward Appalachia,  with light No. 3 being located at East Fifth Street and Gilley Avenue; light No. 4 is at the intersection of East Fifth Street and Clinton Avenue; light No. 5 is at the intersection of East Fifth Street and Wood   Avenue; light No. 6 is at the intersection of East Fifth Street and Shawnee Avenue; light No. 7 is at the intersection of East Fifth Street and Powell Avenue.  One the west side of town, traffic light No. 8 is located at the intersection of Wood Avenue and East Fourth Street.

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